Schools’ Projects

So far, we’ve run two projects in Manchester schools, one with Didsbury C of E Primary, the other with St Hilda’s C of E Primary in Firswood.

After Arts Award training – which was fantastic – and great support from Steph Hawke at Curious Minds, I put together a proposal for a new schools’ project and sent it to the city centre school I hope to work with.

Delightfulling, (not a word, but it is now), the Y5 teacher responded enthusiastically – and within a day – and said that he thought the proposed project would be ideal for his class.  Schools are busy places and getting a response from them is, in my experience, difficult. To get a positive one, and so quickly, knocked me off my feet.

The teacher has now taken the idea to the school’s Head, and I’m keenly watching the Caterpillar in-box.  I’ve put together an application for the necessary funding.

If you’re reading this and you’re the praying type, please would you send up one for the success of this project?





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