Caterpillar Schools Work

What We Offer

Caterpillar collaborations with schools involve arts practitioners using The Bible as a stimulus to partner children in generating creative work, including drama, film and music. The process and the products support the RE curriculum and contribute to collective worship. Work on the initial stimulus of a Bible narrative results in the following indicative list of creative outputs:

Scripts, based on drama improvisations, for plays and short films

Performing arts productions: shows that combine drama, dance and music with various media

Film-making: creative, narrative-based short or feature-length film, productions in which the children involved participate in every aspect of film-making, from script through shooting to editing

How It Works

Typically, the approach is a collaboration between Caterpillar and schools staff which leads to any of the outputs listed above. A project begins with several weeks of a class doing drama improvisations based on the Bible story we are looking at. From this, Caterpillar staff produce a script and then rehearse it with the class, leading to two performances: one for the school, one for family and friends. Such performances pull in the whole school community, are both beneficial and rewarding for all concerned and, most importantly, are a public showcase for the young people’s creative outputs.

What They Say About Us


“I really enjoyed watching everyone else and seeing how good they are!”
“When we did prayers before each session they were always answered.”
“The singing and dancing and the whole play went really well.”
“Thank you! You proved I can do drama!”
“I’ve definitely got to understand God more.”
“I had the best time in the world!”


“A great opportunity for children to examine a Bible story and its relevance to their lives, it was imaginative, exciting, thought-provoking and fed off children’s ideas. Children loved the performing and rose to the occasion.”

Matt Whitehead, Headteacher, Didsbury Church of England Primary School 

“The project linked to Music, Dance and Drama. In addition, the children wrote poetry and prayers and discussed issues in the story of David that relate to their experiences today. So there were also elements of PSHE, Literacy and RE. A really enjoyable project. The children loved it and I found working with Caterpillar great fun.”

Chris Briggs, Year 5 Teacher, Didsbury Church of England Primary School


My Manchester-based design practice, CDA, runs Dynamic Studio, a KS2 creative design initiative. Because I had been impressed with Caterpillar productions over the years, I commissioned Robert as a visiting creative on a Dynamic Studio project with Year 6 at Shevington Vale Primary School in Wigan.  Both the project and Robert’s contribution were a great success. His approach to working with young people, epitomised in Caterpillar, allows them the freedom to explore creative possibilities. They see their ideas realised alongside the expertise and experience of creative professionals.

John Conibear |