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Caterpillar is a community arts group for kids aged 8 and upward. The formula is simple: you become part of a community and use stories from the Bible as prompts to make various kinds of art. In recent years, our shows have consisted of films, original songs and dances. The films have come from scripts based on the best of the drama improvisations the kids in the group have done through the year.

Since 1998, Caterpillar has put on 20 productions, which have included about 90 original songs and just under 40 short films. (Not that we’re counting.)
To share this work, we have family socials and celebrations throughout the year.

We hope Caterpillar is a community where you feel respected and cared for, and while you’re having fun being creative, we hope that you’ll grow in self-confidence, in trusting one another and in getting to know more about Jesus.

(Note: Caterpillar’s weekly community arts group for young people is having a sabbatical. God willing, we’ll be relaunching in early 2021.)  

What Parents Say

My two children were members of Caterpillar over a period of 5 years. They really enjoyed the weekly sessions and the resulting productions. Being part of the group was a great opportunity for them to explore topics relevant to their lives, to cover ethical and moral dilemmas and to be free to discuss this with other children from diverse backgrounds and schools. The group included children of different ages, which helped them develop a more mature approach to philosophical questions. They were able to do so with a sense of fun and daring in a safe environment facilitated by the Caterpillar team.
They were also encouraged to be creative and to perform, which was really important for their development of social skills for the future. They both loved creating plays and films and the final performances for family and friends.
I am always thankful for the time they spent at Caterpillar, and for the care and support of the team that runs it.
Fiona Spencer
I give all the members of the Caterpillar team a huge thank you for all your efforts over the past 7 years.  My three boys have loved their Tuesday nights at Caterpillar, as well as performing in front of a live audience on show nights.
Steve Binyon

From when he joined aged 9, our son had a great 5 years being part of Caterpillar. He really enjoyed the Tuesday evening weekly get-togethers, and Caterpillar enabled him to meet and mix with children from other schools in a safe and caring environment.

We saw his confidence to speak in public grow, particularly through taking part in the Christian-based drama productions, and the kids particularly love the filming for the annual show.

The leaders at Caterpillar are genuinely caring and compassionate towards the children, perceptive of each child’s personality and needs, and encourage them to grow in confidence.

Family and friends are invited to the summer show, an opportunity to see the kids in action, as well as to the November firework party, the Christmas and end of year parties held for the kids which they look forward to.  All of this creates a real sense of community.

Carolyn Glonek

My son has been part of Caterpillar for the last 7 years. I have watched him grow from a shy young man into a confident teenager.  The kindness and enthusiasm shown by the leaders has been inspiring. I truly recommend this to all parents who want their children to be part of a diverse group of young people.

Alison Cullen

What Kids Say

In a show, once you’re out there, it’s a really good feeling. Sarah (12)

I’ve been part of Caterpillar since I was ten, and I still love it. Matthew (15) 

It’s a Drama and Arts club, but at the same time you learn about God. Mia (11)

You get to improvise a lot, and I like that. Angus (9) 

It’s fun being with people, making friends. Erin (12)

In shows so far, I’ve played electric guitar, acted and danced. Tim (15) 

I have really enjoyed my years at Caterpillar. It has been great for me to make friends and to grow in confidence and as a person. Thank you to everyone at Caterpillar for making the past 8 years enjoyable every Tuesday.  Matthew (18)


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